Stoney Montana



hip hop / trap / bass music


Stoney M is an EDM, Hip Hop influenced Dj/producer that has been in the music scene for over five years, currently making his unremovable mark in the scene


STONEY MONTANA , is an EDM, hip hop influenced Dj/ producer , that has been in the music scene for five years now. Currently making his mark on the scene , STONEY MONTANA brings an energy to the stage thats undeniably remarkable and strong by fluently blending his own sound and vibe! STONEY MONTANA is here to stay and a force to be reckoned with.

I like all kinds of music ..sports is been apart of my like since i could remember ..from baseball football wrestling jiu jitsu to skating! im playing semi pro football for the lake county steelers start strong side linebacker which i love...i like to do shit not sit in the house and not do anything with my day ... you never knw when ur last day here is so spend it wisely Right?! on the music tip dubstep is really hit home right now something new and pretty lights is dope as hell thanks j rav for puttin me on to my guy pretty light also bassnector as well anyway thast a lil bout me soo there u have it ppl!

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