#FEATURED : #DunnDunnFest 2017 • February 16 - 18

#FEATURED : #DunnDunnFest 2017 • February 16 - 18

Harmonica Dunn presents... #DunnDunnFest
Dunn Dunn Fest 2017 Celebrating American Music!

FEBRUARY 16TH, 2017 - FEBRUARY 18TH, 2017
For Tickets & Info, visit www.DunnDunnFest.com 


Lincoln Hall + Schubas • Subterranean • Beat Kitchen • Hideout Inn • 

Thursday, February 16th

#LincolnHall with #GoldenBoysFunk Vendetta,OBY & Expansion Pack | http://ticketf.ly/2ghhhnE

#TheHideout with Tom Hamilton's American Babies & MELK | http://ticketf.ly/2ghhxD7

#Schubas with BonelangDeep Fayed, &Illphonics | http://ticketf.ly/2g7hre1

#Subterranean with Xoe WiseTara Terra, & V.V. Lightbody | http://ticketf.ly/2gOBxyP

#TonicRoom with Growler & #BubblesBrown |http://ticketf.ly/2g76kSt

#BeatKitchen with The KickbackColor Palette,Oopshttp://ticketf.ly/2gOeWCt

Friday, February 17th

@ Lincoln Hall with Low Cut ConnieThe Shams Band#SleepyKitty | ticketf.ly/2kTJvbh

@ Beat Kitchen with Patrick Sweany MusicMichele McGuire, Old Fashioned War | http://ticketf.ly/2ghifjM

@ Schubas with Birdcloud & Archie Powell & The ExportsSonny Falls | http://ticketf.ly/2h2osxX

@ The Hideout with Alanna RoyaleSwamp Heat &Fat Night | http://ticketf.ly/2gKRGFF

@ Tonic Room with Brothers Gow & Spare Parts |http://ticketf.ly/2gKRyWH

Saturday, February 18th

@ Lincoln Hall with Mike Doughty & Wheatus |http://bit.ly/2hNACuj

@ Subterranean with MUNA & Lo Moon |http://ticketf.ly/2h2ru5y

@ Beat Kitchen with THE STEEPWATER BANDJJ & Dre, & Leopold and his Fiction | http://ticketf.ly/2gpi1qM

@ Schubas with Naughty ProfessorNasty SnacksFunk Trek | http://ticketf.ly/2g78fXb

@ The Hideout ft. Dos Santos: Anti-Beat Orquesta,¡ESSO Afrojam Funkbeat & DJ Sound Culture | http://ticketf.ly/2ghk6Fz

@ Tonic Room with Flaccid & Catfish and the Dogstars | http://ticketf.ly/2g7oHXq

@ Tonic Room with G-Nome Project #LateShow |http://ticketf.ly/2h8IE5D

Here is a look back at last year! Good Times People!

'Twas the night before Dunn Dunn, 
all was quiet in my house.
Not a creature was stirring,
Just the clicks of my mouse.

Copying, sharing, liking links and all posts. 
Convincing Chicago, that I know how to host
a 3 day festival with forty-plus bands of all types.
Some you may have heard of, some I have hyped.

The city was windy, it was unusually warm
no snow on the ground, our spirits in rare form. 
"We're flirting with records" Skilling said in a tweet
"Get out and have fun, text friends & go meet" 

So they listened to Skilling, its always wise to do
when I have worked so hard, booking bands with my crew. 
Three nights to go out, six venues to attend
take Sunday to recover, and avoid that boozy-bend.

Go dance to the music

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PHOTOS | Black Tiger Sex Machine + Dabin at Concord Music Hall

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PHOTOS : Cherub w/ The Floozies & ProbCause